Pitchfest Edmonton is from 4pm to 9pm on November 14, 2018. Tickets on sale now!

For Technology Startup Founders

Get the Startup Resources You Need to Succeed

Apply to Pitch and You Could Get a $100,000 

Investment if Chosen as Best Pitch!

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Pitchfest.org is seeking funding partners to help cover the costs of marketing and hosting Pitchfest Edmonton. Partnerships are available at the following levels: Diamond $20k, Platinum $15k, Gold $10k, and Silver $5k.

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How Does Pitchfest Work?

Focused on Startup Founders

Like a community-based Shark Tank or Dragon's Den, Pitchfest is for startup founders to pitch their businesses and specific needs to an audience of public and private investors, service providers, business leaders, and community members.

Audience Ideas and Proposals

After each startup founder pitches, the audience asks questions and then offers ideas and proposals to the founder for ways they could help the startup grow bigger, faster, and more profitable.


Deadline to apply is August 31st, 2018.


Startup Company Criteria

  1. Seed stage technology companies
  2. A committed founder and team dedicated to the startup
  3. Not have raised more than $3 million in private financing
  4. Launched a unique product or service or released a marketable MVP; beyond the ideation phase
  5. Established significant product / market fit, developed substantial traction, and shown growth potential
  6. Sustainable competitive advantage for product or service

Pitchfest Schedule - November, 2018 at 4pm to 9pm

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact us if you are a startup founder who wants to pitch at the event 

or if you have any ideas, comments, and suggestions to share with us.

Our Partners

Ticket Price List

Help a Startup Founder

On the night of the Pitchfest event, you can help a startup founder by providing them with a great idea or a specific proposal.

Guide to Pitchfest Edmonton

Our work-in-progress document for planning and organizing the event.

Any ideas, comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Pitchfest Edmonton 2018-0620 (pdf)